Acceptable slump for self consolidating grout

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Acceptable slump for self consolidating grout

These ingredients are mixed with water to create concrete which is used as a primary construction material in buildings.These cement and concrete standards allow laboratories all over the world to test and evaluate concrete mixtures to ensure their strength and safety.ASTM C1621—Passing Ability of Self-Consolidating Concrete by J-Ring This test method provides a procedure to determine the passing ability of concrete by using a J-Ring in combination with the ASTM C1611 slump flow test. ASTM C1610—Static Segregation for Self-Consolidating Concrete Using Column Technique In the test method, a sample of freshly mixed concrete is placed in a cylindrical mold without tamping or vibration.

The stability can be observed by visually examining the concrete patty for evidence of segregation. The test method is suitable for use in the laboratory and in the field.

The slump cone can be either used the same way up or inverted.

A sample of freshly mixed concrete is placed in the cone in one lift without tamping or vibration.

A common range of slump flow for SCC is 18 to 30 in. The slump flow test can be used in production to assess the consistency of SCC.

According to ACI 237R-07, the slump flow should not differ by more than 2 in. A nonmandatory appendix of ASTM C1611 provides a procedure for a relative measurement of flow rate, viscosity, and stability.

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The mold is lifted and the concrete allowed to spread.

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