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One day four years ago, after a certain thing, he was to leave the job of a science teacher, In a boro apartment for single use, I lived quietly quietly as I hide myself.Such a day, Nippon Express documents arrive under the gates.In the back of it, while feeling the smell of the smelling intrigue ... Ryudoji temple was in the past four years, the flesh that was lurking inside of you, I felt the pain of trampling fierce as boiling point boiled ....The anime adaptation of Aomizuan's Resort of Cumpie Fantasies is here!The girls in the mansion become maid and take on an unusually attractive appearance.

Joko Kakeri works as a security officer, his experience is more than 20 years.It was stated as "full life supporter development plan", it is excellent appearance and body, And women with sexual technology, It was a startling content that the school will do its "gifted education" in a system called a job honor to rich people.And, I am engaged as a lecturer of that "gifted education" ... Dragon Temple undertakes it while keeping the excitement that you want to dance inner-hearted." Then, please tailor the four students on this list to the best" goods "A story that was made too much.To become a member of the club, she performs outrageous acts of debauchery, sexual sisters instruct her in many thirst arts.The name of the man is Ryudojiji gate (Ryudojijimon).

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Once in the mansion Barrett discovers that it's not so simple with these cute maids and soon reveals a terrible secret - some of the girls are hermaphrodites. Soichiro constantly tries to attract her attention not in the most pleasant ways.

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