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Chris richardson dating lindsay

We called our families and shared the news with friends.

He then revealed we had dinner reservations at Street and Company in Portland.

First your wearing fake glasses, the next thing you know, you're gathering intel for the US Government in Chechnya. John sells pizza dough all over the country as a traveling dough salesmen. He enjoys fresh bottled water at his bedside table. He can grow a hell of a beard and was very intoxicated in this picture.

He's pretty much Caine from "Kung Fu Legend Continues". He's is also quite fond of the black North Face fleece. Mike, better known as Meeks, lives in Colorado with his girlfriend Haley. He is also fond of shirts that are way too long for him. I don't know why, but those long, night gown shirts bring him joy. Sam, better known as Smalley (not that exciting of a nickname).

Except instead of a wandering Kung Fu Monk, John wanders the country selling pizza. We've spent most of our lives in Portland together. Seriously, his 10 year old voice was far deeper than mine at 30, it's slightly unsettling. I hope his banking isn't anything like his golfing, because he seems to lose the ability to count and keep track of golf strokes. Mike was the Waterville Morning Sentinel Boys Tennis Player of the Year in 2003.

He once ate a slice with Harrison Ford's brother, Gary Ford. If it wasn't for repeated ankle injuries, he probably would have turned pro.

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While we were dating we discussed having a destination wedding.