Dating and relationship idioms

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2) You dump your boyfriend when the relationship is over. 8) They dump their girlfriends because they are moody teenagers.

"Well, I thought everything was going well with my girlfriend.", replies Ryan "Things were not going well, then? 1) I dump my girlfriend when I discover she cheats on me. 5) The company dumps its worst salespeople regularly. 7) You (all) dump your significant others if you want to end the relationship abruptly.

16) Sounds to me like you are trying to justify to yourself dumping someone after eight years together because you were unhappy with yourself 17) A new survey has revealed the differences between men and women when it comes to dumping someone.

18) When it comes to dumping someone, both men and women preferred to end a relationship face-to-face.

19) I was in a relationship and I knew that starting something with HER would mean dumping someone I'd been with for about two years.

Because their relationship is not serious, Lisa has started seeing another man. 10) I'd dump someone if they didn't treat me right.

9) Would you dump someone who "talks too much" as George Clooney did?

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