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It wasn't until the introduction of personal profiles (early 2000-ish?) that things got out of hand, and by out of hand I mean the site was the most hilarious destination on the internet.Following the resignation Friday of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the head of Iran's National Security Council, among other Iranian authorities, lauded the leader's toppling, comparing "the Egyptian Revolution with the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution," according to Iran's state-run media.

For the uninitiated, the Wayback Machine allows users to view content from websites that are no longer online, by archiving tons and tons of screenshots and cache grabs and presenting them for the user by date.

In the days that led up to the February 11 holiday, the government mobilized security forces and heightened its warnings, saying it would arrest protesters and hold them until the April 9 end of Norooz.

Six protesters who were arrested in December on the Muslim holiday of Ashura were sentenced to death on Monday, the day before Chaharshanbe Soori, the semi-official Fars news agency reported Monday.

The feed was launched just one day before opposition leaders and activists in Iran have called for a protest in support of the Egyptian revolution, according to Saham News.

The rally is planned to coincide with the 25th day of Bahman, the 11th month of the Persian calendar.

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At its peak (2005) STLPunk had over 80,000 registered users, and on any given day you could check the "Punx Online" column on the front page and note that you were currently in the company of some 500 or so of your presently-online co-patriots.

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