Deanna casaluce dating

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Deanna casaluce dating

She comes back home to Degrassiand unexpectedly finds herself growing close to Alex again, even as Alex startssetting her up with guys — just as Alex begins having serious problemsat home.Her mom has lost all their money to a deadbeat boyfriend, and motherand daughter are faced with eviction if they don’t come up with rent money.In Season 4, Alex was working at the movie theater with Paige, and although the two did not like each other at first, they eventually became good friends.In Season 5, they spent more time together, and ended up kissing one night.just finishedairing its sixth season in the United States last week on teen channel The N, and fortunately for After readers, the second half of the seasonwas all about “Palex,” the nickname for the pairing of Degrassi High’sformer bad girl Alex Nunez (Deanna Casaluce) and popular rich girl Paige Michalchuk(Lauren Collins).

She eventually gets over it — aftersome advice from filmmaker Kevin Smith (in a guest-starring role as himself) — and Paige and Alex begin dating.Alex first appeared in Season 3 as school bully and “bad boy” Jay Hogart’s equally rebellious girlfriend.She was always seen with him, and didn’t have much character development of her own during the season.Alex,struggling to get over Paige, comes out as a lesbian, and by the end of Season 5, Alex and Paige are friends again.In the sixth season, Alex decides to go back to Degrassi High to earn collegecredit toward becoming a physiotherapist, and tries to reform her bad-girlimage along the way.

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She was originally known as the show’s “bad girl” and had once been a stripper at a bar in order to make ends meet; however, as the seasons progressed, she lost her rebellious persona.