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Ecuador dating customs

Ecuador has a long tradition of festivals and fiestas, dating from well before the arrival of the Spanish.Many of the indigenous festivals, celebrating, for example, the movements of the sun and the harvests, became incorporated into the Christian tradition, resulting in a syncretism of Catholic religious imagery and older indigenous beliefs.For more information and advice, visit the website of the National Travel Health Network and Centre website.Cases of armed robbery are increasing and petty crime is common.

Whether public holiday or fiesta, Ecuadorians love a party and often go to much trouble and expense to ensure everyone enjoys a great spectacle, lubricated with plenty of food and drink.

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Since we moved to Ecuador we’ve traveled much of the country (and we are working on the rest of it).

And the local culture and way of speaking are notably different than in the sierra. We still have lots of photos and videos to publish about our adventures in the islands. On mainland Ecuador, we’ve also seen lots of animals.

Here are some of them: So there you have it – an overview of travel in Ecuador. You should check out our site map for a full list of every post we’ve ever published.

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