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A former GMTV executive said: 'It seems that they have forgotten they are a news programme.' A GMTV insider said 'Penny is the oldest woman by a long way', which would 'raise questions of ageism'.

As GMTV’s most heavyweight journalist, Stapleton, who began his career on current affairs magazine show Nationwide and has reported from Iraq and the Falklands, is expected to cover the big news events from wherever they happen.

Penny Smith kept a dignified silence on GMTV this morning after it emerged she was being axed as the presenter of the ITV breakfast show.

Opening the show with a professional smile, there was no sign of discord as Smith presented the News Hour as usual with co-host John Stapleton.

The show won the Lew Grade Award at the British Academy Television Awards in 1995.

The first episode of Series 17, on 10 November 2001, was reportedly watched at GMT by seven million viewers – 32% of the audience.

Three singles of the same sex were introduced to the audience.

Stapleton, 63, will take on a 'special correspondent' role in an effort to give the show a more serious image amid concerns the content is too lightweight.

It is understood Miss Smith, who worked for GMTV for 17 years, is going to present a Radio 2 series later this year on poetry.

Although, this was around a million fewer than tuned in to its debut episode in the previous series.

This was likely to state that its popularity was on the wane.

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After two pilots starring Black, the series was commissioned.