Interview question for dating

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Interview question for dating

To consider man guilty by nature is a contradiction in terms.My heroine would be capable of experiencing guilt about a specific action.This is presented in detail in was, in your words, “completely incapable of experiencing a feeling of fundamental guilt.” Is any system of morality possible without guilt?The important word in the statement you quoted is “fundamental.” Fundamental guilt does not mean the ability to judge one’s own actions and regret a wrong action, if one commits it. It is the concept of original sin that my heroine, or I, or any Objectivist, is incapable of accepting or of ever experiencing emotionally.Though her progress on both projects is interrupted by a demanding schedule of speaking engagements around the country, most of her working hours, and her considerable energies, are spent in the small blue-green study where she does most of her writing—entirely in longhand.Miss Rand spoke clearly and urgently about her work and her views.Answering question after question with a clipped, even delivery, her deep voice edged with a Russian accent, she paused only long enough between words to puff on cigarettes held in a blue-and-silver holder (a gift from admirers) engraved with her initials, the names of the three heroes of, present a carefully engineered, internally consistent worldview.They are, in effect, the expression of an all-encompassing philosophical system.

A dark-haired, woman with penetrating brown eyes and a computer-quick mind, Ayn (rhymes with mine) Rand was born to the family of a small businessman in St. R., stayed for a few months with distant relatives in Chicago, then moved on to Hollywood. Since her command of English was somewhat less than adequate for writing fiction, she found a job preparing outlines for silent movies, as she went about mastering her new language.For Ayn Rand, whether anyone likes it or not, is sui generis: indubitably, irrevocably, intransigently individual.She detests the drift of modern American society: She doesn’t like its politics, its economics, its attitudes toward sex, women, business, art or religion.What do you seek to accomplish with this new philosophy? It begins with the axiom that existence exists, which means that an objective reality exists independent of any perceiver or of the perceiver’s emotions, feelings, wishes, hopes or fears.I seek to provide men – or those who care to think – with an integrated, consistent and rational view of life. Objectivism holds that reason is man’s only means of perceiving reality and his only guide to action.

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Galt’s statement is a dramatized summation of the Objectivist ethics.

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