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At the end of the episode, Allison's mother, Constance (Dorothy Malone), makes it clear she disapproves of her daughter's newfound relationship with Rodney.

Rodney is startled to find his father, Leslie (Paul Langton), in a passionate embrace with his secretary, Julie Anderson (Kasey Rogers), the mother of Rodney's girlfriend, Betty (Barbara Parkins).

Whether it’s a fussy old typewriter, a school project, or a list of chores—I can figure out how to turn anything into a good time.

Fairness and equality for all people sound like music to my ears.

Lola Albright was hired to take over the role and continued in the series until Malone returned. On the urging of her then-husband, Frank Sinatra, the producers decided to write her off the show in the summer of 1966.

and, because of the constant change in characters, confusing as well.

Based upon the 1956 novel of the same name by Grace Metalious, the series was preceded by a 1957 film adaptation.

It dissolves to cast members, and then narration of previous episode events by Warner Anderson, who also played Matthew Swain.

In 1966 the message was changed to "In color, the continuing story of Peyton Place." Warner Anderson left the series after the first season, but continued as narrator to the series until the final episode. Michael Rossi (Ed Nelson) arrives from New York City to set up practice in town.

A total of 514 episodes were broadcast, in black-and-white from 1964 to 1966 and in color from 1966 to 1969.

At the show's peak, ABC ran three new episodes a week. A number of guest stars appeared in the series for extended periods, among them Dan Duryea, Susan Oliver, Leslie Nielsen, Gena Rowlands, and Lee Grant, who won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Drama for her role of tough-as-nails Stella Chernak.

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For me, good laughs beat polite manners, and following my heart is better than following orders.