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List of changesets and updating work items

There is no simple workaround for changing the definition of a "good" build, but there are workarounds you could use to change the default behavior of the Gen Checkin Notes Update Work Items task.

Which appear to export/import all the global lists as a single XML document.

After queueing a build job, I have a look at the current Build step.Part of my issue is the fact that while i run both the compilation and executing unit tests together, the unit tests invariably end up failing for one reason or another and the overall status of the build gets marked as "failed".so in the long run, what happens is that this task ends up running ends up comparing against a build label which is way too old and has to do way too many comparisons and ends up erroring out with system.outofmemory exceptions.John task compares the labels between the last "good" build (one where both compilation and tests were successful) and the current build for the build type.If no previous good build is found, however, all changes between changeset 1 and the current label are analyzed for inclusion into the current build.

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