Mature women dating younger parents that forbid interracial dating

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Mature women dating younger

The survey found men aged 20 to 29 prefer older women to younger ones, and women preferred a younger man as they age, according to Your Tango.

This contradicts the stereotype that all men are focused on finding a youthful partner, as these singles indicate a preference for a partner three to six years older than themselves.

The truth is, while dating someone younger can present unique challenges, a happy and healthy relationship is definitely still on the table.We asked a few women about the unique challenges of dating a younger guy—here’s what they said.The reality is, when it comes to commitment and readiness for marriage, most guys are a few years behind women.Karen explains that, if a guy has always envisioned himself being married young, he is going to be more likely to be ready to commit than a guy who hasn’t envisioned that lifestyle.If the age gap is large enough, you may find yourself at a completely different point in life, which can be a bigger stumbling block that you might think.

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While we may usually assume a large age gap indicates an older man, there are plenty of women who date and marry men that are significantly younger (although perhaps not quite as extreme as Brigitte Macron, who is nearly a quarter-century senior to her husband, Emmanuel Macron, the president of France).

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