Mvn error updating group repository metadata

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They don't have native support for Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) services but do for HTTP, XML, and JSON.

Spring Boot is an easy-to-use framework for creating Spring-powered applications and services.

Spring Boot lets you embed Tomcat or Jetty servers directly into your application without the need for WAR files or traditional Java EE application servers.

You create standalone Java applications that can be started using on the command line.

Applications are created with Maven starter Project Object Model (POM) files that simplify configuration and make application development fast.

You should use these options with care as you are no longer in control of the plugins/dependencies you are using.

The Maven documentation itself doesn't say anything about version ranges. What I do is make Hudson/Jenkins do the following for every build: That is I use the versions plugin and scm plugin to update the dependencies and then check it in to source control.

Yes I let my CI do SCM checkins (which you have to do anyway for the maven release plugin).

@Martin I am aware of the x.y.z-SNAPSHOT convention, but I was thinking about libraries that are released in final versions to the repository (i.e.

going from dream-library-1.2.3to dream-library-1.2.4.jar, and so on).

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You can do this with either "-Prelease-profile" or "-Dperform Release=true" It's worth emphasising that any approach that allows Maven to pick the dependency versions (LATEST, RELEASE, and version ranges) can leave you open to build time issues, as later versions can have different behaviour (for example the dependency plugin has previously switched a default value from true to false, with confusing results).

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