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Seniori sex chat

It was my wedding day, my father was about to walk me down the aisle. Bob says the first thing he noticed about me was my hair. I didn't have a lot of dating experience so I had no clue 2 months was a long time to wait. It was late spring, and as I walked around campus I looked at what other girls were wearing. We went for coffee in the student union and sat down. My name is Cat, short for Catherine, but everyone calls me Cat. When I grew into my figure I was still shy about my body and still wore clothes that covered it. We hadn't and they made fun of him for being so slow. They would ask me if he was gay and why he didn't make a move. I knew I was not very good at being sexy, but I thought that if maybe I stepped up my game, he'd step up his. I bought the clothes so he'd notice, and he did, so I was happy. When we got there I started kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt. He was still wearing his shoes so they pooled around his ankles. It was about 5" long and around 2 fingers diameter. We stayed in touch through texts and email over the summer. Now, with high school way in the past, we started talking.

This time the guys hands went to my ass right away. He commented that it was getting late but I convinced him. He was very interested in the parts where the guys had their hands on my ass.

On the way home he always asked me about the guys, what they said, and where they touched me.

We had sex a few more times before the semester ended. He never danced with me, but I was really enjoying dancing and was really learning some moves.

Some were grinding against the men they were dancing with. Eventually a guy approached me and asked me to dance. I looked at Bob and he just shrugged his shoulders. I watched the other girls and tried to imitate their moves.

Being among all those sexy people dancing made me feel sexy. He started moving his hands and pushing up against me. I had never experienced this before so I wasn't sure what to do. At first I was just scared, but the music, and dancing, made me feel sexy and I started to enjoy his hands.

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He would kiss back but every once in awhile stop and ask me more about dancing. He eventually mentioned it was late again and that he should take me home.

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