Sikh guy dating muslim girl

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Sikh guy dating muslim girl

How a person's marriage partner is chosen reflects that divide. and Canada can trace their ancestry back to a forebear who just didn't want to continue life in the "old country" and wanted more freedom.

Much of what is called "the Western world," which is where I was raised, places the value of "freedom of the individual to choose" above all other social values. That is the story of both grandfathers in my family--almost the essential "why we came to America" story.

All this seems to be something new to most of the world, but not to the two of us.

Today, when I visit our local Sikh religious center (called in the language a "gur-dwa-ra") with my wife's extended family, and sit quietly with the other men in devotion, I am comfortable in the surroundings.

For some time there was a considerable commotion in the household.

Her father and mother were very leery of this proposed marriage, as they knew that divorce, which in Indian culture is still severely sanctioned, was very common among Westerners.

Perhaps he knew that Sikhism and Judaism were not as incompatible as they might appear to others. Sikhism, a religion founded on the Indian subcontinent, is, however, staunchly monotheistic.

I had first encountered the Sikh religion and people during my stint as an English teacher in Southeast Asia in the late 60's and early 70's, but my marriage really brought me into a fairly close relationship with this community.

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He had found a way to identify with a Jew, and it helped to smooth the way to having a Jewish son-in-law.

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