Updating the rules for pipe sizing

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Typical maintenance contracts provide for three system inspections per year to certify that the system is operating properly.

Expenses associated with repairs, chlorine, and pumping (when required) are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Each aerobic system comes with a free, two year maintenance contract that commences the day the installation process is complete.

It then falls to the homeowner to find a licensed service provider who is trained and qualified to maintain the homeowner's specific brand of aerobic system.Have your septic tank professionally inspected and serviced if you suspect damage.Signs of damage include visible settling or the ground above the tank or an inability of the system to accept additional water.Once the required certificates are obtained, self-maintaining homeowners are required to file copies of all certificates with the county health department.Due to time commitments required to obtain a certificate, the inherent unpleasantness associated with checking sludge levels, and the requirement to use licensed septic providers to make all necessary repairs, most customers prefer to have their system's maintenance under contract with a certified septic provider.

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All commercially certified aerobic systems produce safe water when properly maintained.

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