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Playing the biggest star in the world, it’s kind of interesting, putting me into the headspace of a guy who can do anything he wants. In the last episode, we saw Megan lose a film role to another actress who has a bigger name, and that’s what this business is. We’re also portraying the Institute of the Higher Mind, a self-help organization, but it shows you what power some organizations might have in this business.He can hop on a private jet, he can fly to anywhere in the world, he has access to everything. It’s something that I, as an actor, you would, hopefully, aspire to have a big film career but I would never want to be at his level because that life would be pretty tough. This business is all about relationships and, obviously, can get really dark really quickly.Nothing has ever been done exactly like our show, so it’s absolutely unique. There’s something so intriguing and interesting about this person and they’re beautiful.” So, I’ve had those moments, but I think it’s totally possible.There’s a fascination, I think, with the life of celebrity, with the lives of movie stars you’ve seen on the cover of magazines for however long tabloids have been around. If you’re meant to be with somebody, I think it’s easily possible to have some sort of a moment where you’re like, “Wow! I don’t know what they did to me, but I’ve got to figure it out and I can’t let this person get away until I do.” That’s exactly what happens to Kyle and Megan. Do you feel that Kyle is being controlled by Terence or do you believe that he still has free will?That’s not to say the paparazzi won’t follow me, but I can at least go and do it.I have less privacy nowadays because in the world we live in, everyone has a camera. Everything has changed and you have to give up your privacy in this business.Adding to the mystique of Kyle is his participation in a self-help organization called the Institute of The Higher Mind, run by Kyle’s mentor Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan), who it turns out is the creator of the contract that is designed to “protect” Kyle. We were, so we talked to Henderson about all of the above plus a few other questions we had about the enticing series.

She’s a strong woman, she is willing to be supportive of everything that’s in Kyle’s life but that doesn’t mean that she’s going to jump on board and completely immerse herself in his life if it doesn’t make sense to her. She’s great and super talented and she plays Megan amazingly. There are so many people trying to make it, and a lot of people will do whatever they can to make it and that’s what’s scary.Megan lost her role in the film with Kyle, but we found out that really great twist about who really released the nude photos of her that cost her her job. But when you think about, it wasn’t such a surprise because jealousy is an emotion from which so many people suffer. You have to be very careful whom you have in your life, even people that have been around forever.If they don’t like change, if they don’t like to see success, if they’re not achieving what they want to achieve, sometimes people will do scary, dirty things. Someone she thought was a best friend leaked her photos because she couldn’t handle the fact that Megan was having lots of success and she wasn’t. As we’ve seen, Megan and Kyle are in a tough place right now.We’re almost to the middle of the season, which sets up the last few episodes as being this absolute stick of dynamite.It’s going to be a bomb that’s going to be dropped and people are going to be completely surprised, I think.

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But, he hasn’t had anyone in his life like Megan in a long time, if ever.

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