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Well, maybe it’s just best if you see for yourself.

Please keep in mind that some of these profiles are old, so if it has a married player on there now, it is only because it’s an old profile. I don’t need Maxim Lapierre trying to hunt me down for creating a scandal over this, I have already done enough damage just by revealing this website even exists.

Now I know what you’re saying…”Wyatt, this is the age of the internet. Life can be tough for the millionaire hockey player in the dating world…..wait, no……lazy bast…..whatever, let’s just move on.

Anyone can find something odd on the internet.” One minute you’re checking Wikipedia about the 8th Prime Minister of Canada (Robert Borden. On this website it has the usual stuff you’d expect to find on a dating service website, personal information, fun picture, likes and dislikes….

Steen's consecutive game streak of at least one point ended at 13, in the next game on Nov. On November 23, Coach Hitchcock got his 621st win, passing Bryan Murray for eighth place on the all-time list.

On November 27, Steen scored his 20th goal, tying Alexander Ovechkin for the NHL lead, in the Blues' fifth consecutive win.

Alexander Steen scored his 23rd and 24th goals in a 5–1 win on December 19, after earlier in the day signing a 3-year, .4 million contract extension that will keep him as a Blue through to the 2016–17 season. Maxim Lapierre sort avec cette fille depuis plusieurs mois. Aujourd’hui, Luc Gélinas a dévoilé la date du mariage de Maxim Lapierre. Toujours aligné dans le deux premiers trios de Lugano et crédité de 3 points en quatre match, Maxim Lapierre est un joueur précieux, mais souvent sifflé pour ses provocations.Den senaste tiden har det kommit uppgifter om att Maxim Lapierre ska vara på väg bort från Modo Hockey, och att han fått ett erbjudande från en NHL-klubb.Det är i nuläget oklart om varför Lapierre lämnar klubben och om han har gjort klart för en ny klubb Under tisdagens träning fanns inte Maxim Lapierre med på isen när Modo Hockey tränade.

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His 24 goals, tying his career-high after only 34 team games (23–7–4), were second in the NHL only to the 28 scored by Alexander Ovechkin. The team is 48–0–1 in the past 49 home games when scoring three goals or more.

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