Who is melanie sykes dating 2016

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Who is melanie sykes dating 2016

(The hard bit was) being married to the wrong person.” Surprisingly, support came from a former flame, Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan, who dated Mel in the early 2000s.He said she was a “typical northern girl who doesn’t take any s**t” and he blasted Jack for being a “chancer”.String or strings may also refer to: “I’m very silly and you don’t tend to meet that many 40-year-old men who want to lark around.” Jack-the-lad Olly, 33, certainly knows how to muck about, but with only one serious relationship under his belt he will have his work cut out with the fiery TV presenter, who is 14 years his senior.As one source said last night: “It’s a no-brainer that Olly would be attracted to Mel — she’s a beautiful woman with a fantastic body, and she’s a laugh.

She later took legal action to have the caution withdrawn and removed from official records. A month later Mel said: “The divorce was the easy bit.

“I know for the rest of my life whenever my name is mentioned it will be with a list of ten blokes behind it.” Mel’s wild months ended when she met actor Danny Caltagirone, who appeared with Leonardo Di Caprio in 2000 film The Beach.

Melanie Sykes flashes her taut abs in triumphant gym video They married in 2001 and had two sons, Roman, now 15, and Valentino, 13, before splitting in 2009.

Dear Olly From what I hear, you’ve been “giving her a chance” for quite a while – and why not? Mel may be 14 years older than you but she is one fit lady.

If she does chew you up and spit you out later down the line, at least you’ll be wiser for the experience.

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The couple shared a passionate and very public whirlwind relationship that was sparked via exchanges on Twitter. I don't really regret decisions I make because the decision is based on my life at the time and who I was at the time." It's a fresh start for the star, who is celebrating a milestone in her professional life – 20 years in the industry – and has recently moved into a beautiful new London flat with Roman, 13, and Valentino, 11, her sons from her first marriage.

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