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And although he mostly coaches men, his advice applies to girls as well, so listen up.

Independence in a Relationship The biggest tenet in Tian’s advice hinges on the idea of developing independence.

) and his experience in the pick up artist community (a community which teaches men how to approach women), plus his years in marriage – give him a wonderfully rich perspective on the issue of dating and relationships.

So at the crack of dawn on the East Coast, and nighttime in Singapore, we talked about combating nerves, keeping girls, and why race shouldn’t matter.

His academic background is in Religious Philosophy and Psychology.

He holds a Ph D from the University of Michigan and has worked as a professor at the Department of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore.

HE LIKES: Jenny Griffith from Suits HER PROFILE: The (seemingly) classic girl next door. WHAT THIS MEANS: He’s likely to be just like her exes – a bad boy. WHAT THIS MEANS: “He’s probably power hungry and gets off on dominating people,” says Dr Tian.

Visit fb.com/asianfortune to stay up to date with our news and what’s going on in the Asian American community.And since most guys are completely unaware of their emotions (often confusing them with thoughts), they lack the ability to influence the emotions of a woman while interacting with her.This leads us into a conversation about one of David’s “systems” that is summarized with the following formula: Attractiveness = Emotional Strength Honesty (ASH).WHAT THIS MEANS: He’s been through a lot and has had his fair share of less emotionally stable women.“He knows who he is and doesn’t take hardships lying down,” says Dr Tian. He knows how to take action to accomplish anything. Wait till you get a load of the litany of bad boys she’s dated – including a drug dealer and a fake lawyer. HE LIKES: Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones HER PROFILE: She’s so savage – she walks through fire, eats the raw heart of a stallion and murders many without blinking an eye – she’s almost animal-like.

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HE LIKES: Olivia Pope from Scandal HER PROFILE: She’s a great lady to have a crush on, someone who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone.